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The Facility

  • 6,000 square foot air-conditioned facility
  • Lots of natural light
  • Ample free parking

The Equipment

  • 13 Squat Racks
  • Dumbells, Kettlebells, Thompson Fatbells
  • Strongman Equipment
  • Armwrestling Table
  • Cardio Equipment (Treadmills, Rowers, Assault
    Bike, Stairmaster, VersaClimber)
  • Lots of Accessory Equipment / Machines
  • Exclusive Fortis Specialty Equipment
  • Squat Stands

  • Private washrooms with showers
  • State of the art equipment
  • Top notch management team and members

  • 3 Deadlift Platforms
  • 6 Weightlifting Platforms
  • 8 Stack Cable Machine with Specialty Handles
  • Pro-Grade Turf (75 ft)
  • 5 Bench Presses with Fortis Handoff & Safeties
  • Competition Combo Rack and Monolift
  • Top quality Barbells and Over 20 Specialty Bars
  • Iron, Bumper and Calibrated Plates
  • And Much More...
Fortis west stage for Olympic Barbell Lifting
Fortis Fitness West Mississauga member conducting an exercise to improve his strength and conditioning performing a leg press.

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We have athletes of all disciplines. Whether you are a Powerlifter, want to use an Olympic Barbell, striving for fat loss, or just want to improve your overall health. Come check us out and see how we can get you closer to your fitness goals!

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Members have access to the best equipment in the fitness industry. Some exclusively available at Fortis. You'll never have to wait for equipment.


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Receive a FREE personal training session and lifting program when you sign up. Buy 6 months, get 1 month free.


24/7 Private Access

Secure 24/7 gym access for all members ensuring you never miss a workout again.


Supportive Community

Our members are friendly, respectful and come from all different disciplines and experience levels. First timer? Don't worry, we will set you up for success with access to the best resources in the industry.

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Attention Personal Trainers: Grow your business at Fortis Fitness West. Enjoy low rates, seamless transition, and specialized equipment for your clients.

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two female fortis west gym members training using exclusive fitness equipment at Mississauga's premier fitness facility

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Fortis Fitness West Mississauga member conducting an exercise to improve his strength and conditioning performing a leg press.

Our customers love us

"Great place for strength training. Lots of squat racks and specialized lifting machines. Trainers are also pretty great, I really enjoy training with Kat so far."

- Luba Rusin

"This is an absolutely amazing facility with a friendly community and a wide variety of equipment to fit your lifting needs. This is the best gym I've ever worked out in."

- Clark Gable

"This gym is amazing. They have a wide variety of equipment and accessories for all your needs. The energy in the gym motivates you to push and work hard. I had the pleasure of being trained by John. His knowledge and patience helped me get the start I needed for my fitness journey."

- Abdul Omer

Incredible gym! Supportive of their values and mission. At first I was intimidated with all the powerlifters being a beginner myself. As one of their signs states you grow out of your comfort zone - indeed I am. Absolutely love the security of their 24/7 access as well. The staff and owners are very responsive and take great care in maintaining the equipment along with the atmosphere. If you ever need a personal trainer, they have a list of incredible individuals whom will train you on-site.

Thanks Jeremy, Kat and all for doing all you do to maintain a supportive environment!

— Cee Kim

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